Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Treating FSGS is tough. It has been a long haul in trying to get the best drug to treat it.
Besides steroids, cyclosporine and scattered literature on cellcept, there is no other magic drug to treat resistant FSGS. Antifibrotic agents are the ones being studied in this study that is still ongoing called the FONT study.
The FONT study describes an ongoing trial that compares anti TNF, anti PPAR and galactose as the modalities to the treatment of FSGS.
Initial Phase 1 trials were produced recently in key journals. The next phase is still on the way.
What is also interesting is that this study has started a network amongst investigators to study diseases, the first of its kind in renal diseases. More studies that form networks should be done and allow more multicenter trials to occur.
Links to the FONT trial papers.

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