Tuesday, November 13, 2012

First Annual ASN Fellows in Training Bowl( FIT Bowl)

This year the American Society of Nephrology 2012 Kidney Week at San Diego did  a case based fellows competition at a national level. My college Dr Hitesh H. Shah and myself had the honor to host and present a case to the fellows at ASN Fit Bowl. The competition was based on the recent work from our division on "case based debates".

The fellows were chosen ( 5 in each team) from different programs around the world. Adult and Pediatric nephrology training programs were included. A case was given out to them with scanty information 2 days prior to the event. The day of the case presentation and debate, the teams are challenged to order tests and imaging and try to come up with a differential diagnosis as they order the tests and get the final diagnosis. The tests appear on a power point board as options to choose from. Each tests carried negative and positive points. All tests needed an explanation to win the point. The team that got the most points would give their final diagnosis and ultimately read the biopsy slides. 

Dr Surya Seshan from Weill Cornell Department of Pathology was our pathologist on board to help them discuss the pathology findings. Audience included program directors, and many fellows who were attending ASN. Both teams did a fantastic job and got the final diagnosis. 

Hope to have ASN do this every year as it allows for fellows to look forward for something at ASN and have a friendly competitive spirit. It allowed fellows from different programs meet and get to know each other and work well together to come up with a diagnosis. 

We hope the fellows learned and had a good time.

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