Friday, February 10, 2012

Revival of bedside medicine

As we walk around in many hospitals, one notices a loss of " the physical exam". Should we as physicians say good bye to the stethoscope. Some argue that the "ritual" of the exam should not be lost and should be passed down and be a core part of being a physician. Some feel that in the current age of technology, one doesn't need it.  In other words, the exam was used to get information but if you can get information more accurately by innovation in technology, do you need the exam?
If you can get an ultrasound of the heart in 30 minutes with good accuracy, why bother doing a detailed heart exam?
Hmm... this is a debate that has sparked some concern in the medical community.
What should we be teaching our medical students and residents in the current world of iPhones and iPads? The debate of the real vs ipatient is now coming to be questioned?
Recent publications in Annals and other journals have highlighted this very issue
The Stanford medical residency mandates certain skills to be learned prior to graduation. They are listed below on their website. They are called The Stanford 25.
See if you agree with them!

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