Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cost and more costs- The burden of CKD

As the baby boomers age, there is going to be a significant rise in CKD and ultimately ESRD population. Care by a nephrologist usually is seen late due to late referrals and sometimes leading to "crash" dialysis.
As a result, sometimes options of peritoneal dialysis or transplantation are not available to these patients.
Multidisciplinary or rather multi professional team care during CKD care has shown in small studies to decrease mortality and decrease cost considerably.  Delay in getting to ESRD will benefit greatly in cost savings.

What do you think is the average cost per patient per year for Hemodialysis? Peritoneal Dialysis? and Transplantation? Match below to HD, PD and transplant ( in US dollars)

A.  around 75,000
B.  around 57,000
C.  around 25,000

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