Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Quiz 6 answers

Which is true?
1.The incidence of Kaposi Sarcoma is most highest in liver transplants of all solid organ transplants
2.Females are more of risk than males get Kaposi Sarcoma in Renal transplant patients
3.It is caused by Human Herpes virus 6
4.Most cases of Kaposi's Sarcoma occur in individuals of Mediterranean or Arabic origin
5.Most cases of Kaposi Sarcoma are visceral in nature in Transplant recipients.

The correct answer is 4.
Kaposi Sarcome- can be seen in transplant patients.
In general few observational findings

It is three times more common in males than females
It is caused by HHV 8, not 6
Most cases of this virus occur in individuals of Mediterranean or Arabic origin
Risk factors are usually levels of CNIs
Usually presents as a cutaneous lesion in legs and lymphedema.  Skin involvement is most common
Visceral involvement is rare in transplant patients, <10 %
Most cases of HHV 8 related KS have been seen in cardiac and renal transplants.

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