Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cidofivir for BK Nephritis

 As we all know that treatment for BK Nephritis is tough. The only thing that really works well is Decreasing immunosuppresion. But as we do that, the risk of mounting an immune response arises and you can start seeing biopsies that look like Acute Cellular Rejection and BK staining Positive.
At that time, most people will treat with IV Immunoglobulins and see if there is some response in terms of preventing rejection and treating BK at the same time.
So far, no drug has directly targeted BK except Cidofivir. Cidofovir is an antiviral agent that demonstrates in vitro activity against murine polyomavirus and has been proposed for treatment of BKVN in renal allograft recipients. The dose usually recommended is 0.25mg/kg IV every 2 weeks for 8 doses total. This is a low dose and can be used for someone in already some graft dysfunction as cidofivir itself can causing ATN like injury( same as tenofivir). This low-dose cidofovir may be tolerated, even among renal transplant recipients with significant renal dysfunction due to BKVN. Prospective, controlled trials are warranted to further define the optimal dose, toxicity and potential role of cidofovir in renal transplant recipients with BK virus nephropathy.

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