Sunday, July 25, 2010

TOPIC DISCUSSION: Do Peritoneal Dialysis patients sleep well?

A question was raised regarding the sleep quality in PD patients --
So here is what I found-

1) Sleep disturbances occur in 45% to 88% of patients on peritoneal dialysis.
2) Incidence/prevalence is no different from there peers on HD.
3) OSA needs to ruled out on most of these patients.
4) Most common reported symptoms are daytime sleepiness, fatigue, sleep latency and frequent nighttime awakenings.
5) Most common causes are - OSA, machine related prob & alarms, difficulty finding comfortable position, depression, psychosocial factors, marital status and abnormal melatonin release and sleep-wake cycle. Most of the above reasons are common to both HD and PD patients.


At least from the above information I feel confident about a patient's sleep quality and concerns would be no different weather they choose HD or PD.

Arun Chawla, MD

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