Thursday, July 1, 2010


Take a look at the recent Renal Business Today. on Getting creative in a tight job market.
This article highlights a very important issue that the job market in Nephrology is tight and is getting tighter perhaps. Based on the FREIDA 104/324 fellows didn't have a job this May 2010. Compared to 2008, there is a 50% increase in fellows pursuing extra fellowships.
We did a recent survey and found similar numbers, based on some preliminary data, 20% of graduating fellows don't have a job and 20% felt they made a wrong decision by choosing nephrology.
This article suggests 8 ways for getting a job: Fellowship, faculty position at your institution, part time positions, locums, less optimal practice( fast turnover), hospitalist, startup practice( the hardest), reconsider re location( not an option for many).
These are all options that we all think about but there is nothing creative about it. Its a tough market out there.
As a community we need to attract more people into nephrology and perhaps organizations such as ASN and NKF might have to help out for job positions more for our graduating fellows( visa issues, costs of visa issues, relocation costs)-- not all of us can afford this!
Nephrology as a field might be in jeopardy if we don't do anything about this!

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