Monday, February 28, 2011

Geriatric Nephrology

The Feb 2011 issue of ASN Kidney News highlights an important subset of Nephrology- Geriatric Nephrology.
A series of articles are mentioned from ESRD, Transplantation and educational opportunities in this field.
There is a society called the International Society of Geriatric Nephrology that was formed few years ago.
A Journal called Geriatric Nephrology and Urology also exists that caters to articles and studies to this important field in Nephrology.
A nephsap in Jan/Feb 2011 is going to be focused on Geriatric Nephrology as well.
Topics that are included are biology of aging and the kidney, GFR and age, glomerular diseases, geriatric hypertension, Pallative care options are a few topics.
Have a look at this months' very important issue focused on a specific theme

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