Thursday, October 28, 2021

KDIGO 2021- GN Management Guidelines: Infection associated GN

The recent KDIGO update 2021

Bacterial infection associated GN- 4 main types

Post infectious GN
Shunt nephritis
Endocarditis associated GN
IgA dominant infection related GN

All 4 of them usually have low complement levels.  No RCT for treatment
Antibiotics or surgical treatment for respective infections

Viral infection associated GN- 

Hep B- Hep B DNA >2000 IU/ml, need treatment with anti Hep B agent and no avoid immunosuppressive agents as can accelerate the viral infection.

HIV disease: HAART therapy is recommended for all HIVAN and HIVICK diseases.

Hep C associated GN:  A kidney biopsy should be performed in HCV-positive patients with clinical evidence of glomerular disease. Patients with mild or moderate forms of HCV-associated GN with stable kidney function and/or non-nephrotic proteinuria should be managed first with a DAA regimen. Patients with severe cryoglobulinemia or severe glomerular disease induced by HCV (i.e., nephrotic proteinuria or rapidly progressive kidney failure) should be treated with immunosuppressive agents (generally with rituximab as the first-line agent) and/or plasma exchange in addition to DAA therapies. Patients with HCV-related glomerular disease who do not respond to or are intolerant of antiviral treatment should also be treated with immunosuppressive agents.

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