Monday, October 25, 2021

KDIGO 2021- GN Management Guidelines: FSGS

 FSGS has been the waste basket diagnosis for years. KDIGO finally has adopted the primary vs secondary FSGS way of thinking to make it easier to treat FSGS and diagnose the 99% of the secondary causes. Check out these amazing figures from the supplement

Treatment wise:  If primary FSGS- steroids 1mg/kg dosing for 4 weeks and then taper over 6 months
If not, then try CNI( cyclosporine vs tacrolimus)- goal 100-175 or 5-10 range for each drug
After 6 months, no response- considering MMF, anti cd20 agents but data on both is small. 
If secondary cause- treat the secondary cause or conservative management. SGLT2i may make it there next iteration. 

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