Sunday, May 12, 2013

Topic Discussion: LIK and glomerular diseases

Lymphomatous infiltration of the kidney(LIK) is not an uncommon finding in many liquid malignancies. Majority of cases present with AKI or sonogram findings suggestive of this entity.  Some cases have been described of this entity presenting as a glomerular disease. One study of 18 patients, 10 had glomerular pathology associated with LIK.(most of them had leukemias and lymphomas)

The classic were immune complex mediated:- MPGN, Membranous
Others had paraprotein related AL Amyloidosis, LCDD
Two had MCD and one had crescentic pauci immune GN.
Clearly, this association of LIK and glomerular diseases is important and one to keep cause and association in mind.

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