Friday, March 22, 2013

Nephrology: Name origin

Jean Hamburger from France had named the term " Nephrology" for study of kidney diseases. A pioneer in the field of kidney diseases, Dr Hamburger was a pioneer in the early times of dialysis and transplantation.
A recent memoir regarding his work is published in PEHM

He was a pioneer in nephrology, coined the term intensive care medicine and was a pinnacle for humanism in medicine.  He is considered the father of French Nephrology. If he coined the term- he is the father of nephrology for all of us.

Interesting quote from the paper " Nephrology would have probably been named kidney medicine, under the strong influence of  the American medicine, while the Greek etymology may be seen as a further witness of the strong link between humanities and medicine, of which the whole life of Jean Hamburger is
an interesting example."

Lets celebrate the history of nephrology this month - the National Kidney Month-- or rather World Kidney month with respect to him.

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  1. Dr. John P. Merrill is considered the father of Nephrology as a specialty.
    Homer Smith is the father of Renal Physiology.


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