Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Border Crosser's Nephropathy

A recent article in Renal Failure discusses this novel entity called Border Crosser's nephropathy. Immigrants who were attempting to cross borders in Arizona were wandering for days without food and water and developed AKI secondary to heat exhaustion leading to rhabdomyolysis. The authors term this AKI as Border Crosser's nephropathy. They studied a case series of patients and found that mean days on desert was 4 days and few patients required dialysis. Most CPK were range of 1101 to 447,966IU/L.
Largest CPKs are reported in such patients. This appears to be a risk that we have to keep in mind. Unclear to me if this truly deserves a separate name or can we just call it volume depletion and heat exhaustion leading to rhabdomyolysis leading to ATN.

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