Thursday, March 14, 2013

Medical student perspective on Nephrology

Happy World Kidney Day!  The theme this year is kidney attack or Acute Kidney Injury. In the US, the nephrology community is facing a different form of attack.  There is a nephrology workforce angina.
While we have postulated what could be the reasons for many residents not choosing the field for variety of reasons, two medical students( American and German) in a recent editorial highlight their reasons and concerns regarding the field of nephrology.

Two medical students celebrate nephrology with it's wholesome experience. Medical students need to see the entire nephrology experience ( and not just inpatient) and need to have knowledge of the gratifying longitudinal experience of nephrology.
Let's take a pledge this World Kidney Day

1. To showcase nephrology( both inpatient and outpatient) to medical students around the world
2. To showcase the positive research opportunities in this field of medicine
3. To showcase them that nephrologists are good teachers and make great clerkship faculty cohorts
4. To showcase them the best organ of the human body

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