Friday, February 22, 2013

Pathology and Nephrology: A combined force!

The rise of renal pathology: a recent review in AJKD refers to the role of the renal pathologists in the care of the kidney patient. Truly a dedicated article to the nephro-pathologists in the world who are truly making a difference in nephrology care. Their presence at the nephrology national meetings is always felt as a strong positive influence and force.

Some interesting historical points from the review:
1. The first pathologist who used nephron dissection as a primary means for studying renal diseases was Dr.Jean Oliver
2. Kidney biopsies were used for tumors as early as 1930s
3. The earliest reports to use in renal diseases were in 1950s by Dr. Iversen and Brun from Denmark
4. Pirani-Kark and Muehrcke team from Univ of Chicago did the first groundbreaking clinical-pathological studies to start the era of kidney disease pathology.
5. The CIBA symposium ( London) in 1961 was the first nephrology-pathology meet that sparked enthusiasm and exchange of ideas and experience of leaders worldwide in this field.
6. Hepinstall's Pathology of the Kidney became the landmark book for nephro-pathology.  Dr RH Hepinstall from Great Britain wrote the first edition in 1966. He also served as president of the American Society of Nephrology in 1972. Yes, he is one of the two pathologists who served as the president of ASN.
7. Dr. Ramzi Cotran served as ASN president in 1995.

Check out the entire manuscript at AJKD. 

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