Friday, August 17, 2012

The rise of Onco-Nephrology

The American Society of Nephrology and many of the renal journals have started focusing on the many areas of interest in nephrology. In the last one year, we have seen the onco-nephrology field growing rapidly. This is an important field as the drugs that are being used for cancer are growing and understanding the renal complications of them is extremely important. 

CJASN has recently put out a series of papers on various topics of interest
Renal toxicities of chemotherapy
AKI in cancer patients
Tumor lysis syndrome
Paraneoplastic Syndromes 

Last year, Seminars in Nephrology did a similar series.

ASN has put forth a work group in Onco Nephrology as well to lead the frontier of taking care of patients with cancer who have kidney disease. Check out Nephronpower's multiple posts in the last 3 years on the topic of onco nephrology and the research ongoing in this area.

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  1. In March 2014, the Cancer & the Kidney International Network (C-KIN) has been founded. It will gather oncologists, nephrologists, hematologists, pharmacists, and researchers at its first Annual meeting, dedicated to "Cancer & the Kidney", in April 2015.

    More information at


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