Thursday, August 30, 2012

SPECIAL: Resident's view on Nephrology

What Inspired me about Nephrology?  

I always found physiology interesting in medical school  In residency, I was faced with  many good choices  "Nephrology vs Cardiology vs Pulm critical care." After rotating through each subspecialty I was confident what was the best field for me- Nephrology. I enjoyed the multifaceted part of nephrology- the dialysis, transplant, electrolytes and glomerular diseases. As a resident, I was seeing inpatient consults but also had experience in the  outpatient clinics, transplant clinics, peritoneal dialysis patients, hemodialysis patients, and procedures ranging from simple "Procrit " shots to kidney biopsies and femoral catheter placements.  
Mentorship played a major role in my decision as well. Not only the field was interesting but the people who I dealt with were approachable and great physicians.  As opposed to other specialties, whereby i would be just another face in the crowd, nephrology made me feel special.  I feel like embracing a resident, taking the time out to  expose them to the field as much as possible, and having a one on one sit down with the chairman, program director, associate program director and attendings speaks for itself.  I am glad I am considering nephrology.

 -Seyyar Khan PGY3 Internal Medicine 

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