Wednesday, May 30, 2012

KDIGO Guidelines for Glomerular Diseases: LUPUS NEPHRITIS

KDIGO is publishing guidelines in Glomerular Diseases in Kidney International

Topic: Lupus Nephritis

1. Class I LN be treated by extra renal manifestations rather than renal ( 2D)
2. Class II LN - No specific renal treatment if <1gm of proteinuria( 2D)
3. Class II LN- Proteinuria >3gm be treated with steroids or CNI like a minimal change disease (2D)
4. Class III LN- Steroids (1A) + either cyclophosphamide or MMF (1B)
5. Class III LN- if first option is not working to change to the alternative option above in 3 months (2D)
6. Class III Maintenance - Imuran or MMF ( 1B) and low dose steroids for one year (2D)
7. Class IV - same as Class III as above
8. Class V- If normal kidney function, and non nephrotic range proteinuria, conservative management and treatment dictated by extra renal manifestations( 2D)
9. Class V- persistent proteinuria:- steroids + cyclophosphamide and or CNI or MMF or Imuran ( 2D)
10. All patients should be on hydroxycholoroquine (2C)

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