Friday, May 25, 2012

KDIGO Guidelines for Glomerular diseases: Infection related GN

KDIGO guidelines published this year in KI supplement.
TOPIC: Infection related GN

1. Treat the underlying infectious disease for the following: Post streptococal GN, infective endocarditis related GN and shunt nephritis.
2. For Hep C related GN, and CKD stage 1 and 2, combined treatment with anti virals ( Grade 2C).
3. For Hep C related GN, CKD stage 3,4,5- suggest monotherapy with pegylated interferon with dose adjustment ( Grade 2D).
4. For Hep C with mixed cryo with nephrotic proteinuria or progressive renal disease: plasmapheresis, rituximab or cyclophosphamide  in conjunction with IV steroids and antiviral therapy( Grade 2D).
5. For Hep B related GN, treatment of Hep B with interferon alpha ( Grade 1C).
6. For HIV associated GN, anti retro virals are the most important regardless of CD4 count ( Grade 1B).

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