Saturday, May 26, 2012

KDIGO Glomerular Diseases Guidelines: IgA Nephropathy

KDIGO just released guidelines for GN in a supplement in KI

Topic: IgA Nephropathy

1. Long term ACEI or ARB for proteinuria >1gm( Grade 1B)
2. ACEI or ARB treatment if proteinuria between 0.5gm to 1gm ( Grade 2D)
3. Patients with persistent proteinuria >1g/d despite 3-6 months of conservative management, and GFR >50ml/min get 6 month course of steroids (Grade 2C)
4. Not use cyclophosphamide or aza in IgA unless there is RPGN with crescents ( Grade 2D)
5. Not use cytotoxic agents for GFR< 30ml/min unless there is RPGN ( Grade 2C)
6. Fish oil is recommended if proteinuria is >1gm/d ( Grade 2D).
7. Not using antiplatelet agents in IgA( Grade 2C).
8. Minimal change with IgA:- treat like minimal change ( Grade 2B)
9. AKI associated with MCD:- perform a kidney biopsy in AKI with macroscopic hematuria if no change in renal function for 5 days
10. General supportive care for AKI in IgA for biopsy showing ATN( Grade 2C)
11. Steroids and cyclophosphamide in crescentic IgA( Grade 2D).
12. Tonsillectomy is not recommended ( Grade 2C)

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