Saturday, March 17, 2012

Acetaminophen and hypertension?

We know about NSAIDS and hypertension. Is there anything about acetaminophen(AT) and hypertension?
One group of researchers looked at this question.
They compared effect of 1gm three times a day of AT to placebo on well controlled HTN with CAD.
2 week follow up was done.  Ambulatory monitoring of BP was done for 24 hours to see changes and endothelial function tests were also done. N =33.  The average BP was higher in AT group with statistical significance b 3/2mmHg.  Heart rate also increased by 2 beats/min.  The biomarkers of endothelial damage, renin and aldosterone levels were unchanged in both groups.

Interesting but so far - only one study, small group of patients, only in one center.  A change of BP doesn't seem that significant. We will have to see what else comes out in the future.


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