Saturday, December 3, 2011

QUIZ:What causes Green urine? Answers

QUIZ : What causes Green urine?

Blue or green urine may be caused by:
1.    Dyes such as methylene blue, indigo carmine
2.    Bladder irritation decreasing meds:- pyridium(usually orange but also green), uroblue, trac tabs
3.    The infamous propofol, has also been reported to cause green coloration of the urine
4.    Amitriptyline, indomethacin, resorcinol, triamterine, cimetidine, Phenergan, rifampin
5.    B vitamins especially.
6.    An inherited form of high calcium (called "familial hypercalcemia") can result in blue urine, which has lent this disease the nickname "blue diaper syndrome"
7.    Indicanuria,
8.    Pseudomonas  infection
9.    Pneumaturia: can be caused by bile when there is a fistula between the urinary tract the intestines.
Some good references:
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