Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Clinical Transplantation: KDIGO Transplant Guidelines

The Feb 2010 issue of Kidney International has summarized the KDIGO clinical practice guidelines for kidney transplant recipients. Its a very brief and to the point summary to standardize transplant care all around the globe. Things we always talked about as transplant physicians and wondered were all discussed and laid down as what should be done and what is the grade of evidence behind it.
For induction, for instance, they recommend( Grade 1B) that an IL2 -RA be used as first line agent and antilymphocyte depleting agent to be used for all kidney transplant with immunologic risk( Grade 2B)
Also, interesting to note that there is Grade2B evidence and they suggest that in patients who are at low immunological risk and who receive induction therapy, corticosteroids could be discontinued during the first week after transplantation. Other concepts on BK treatment, Bone disease, CMV, Cancer and rejection. All are discussed. I think its a good start and an essential read for all of us.

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