Friday, July 25, 2014

The First Ever Nephrology Spelling Bee

The First Ever Nephrology Spelling Pee Bee

For the first time ever ( to my knowledge), we conducted a Nephrology Spelling Bee competition for our residents and trainees.  It was like the ESPN format of the show.  Nephrology faculty prepared tough nephrology entity related words. Residents were allowed 1 minute to try to spell the word. They could ask 2 questions regarding pronunciation and using it in a sentence.  If they got it, they moved to the next round. If they got it wrong, they got eliminated. 

Following the word, a PowerPoint slide was shown with the correct spelling followed by an academic question attached to the word for the trainees. The correct answer to that question would win a nephrology text book.  The final spelling bee winner won Tennis US Open tickets. 

While it was a fun event, there was teaching through the academic questions attached through the words.  A surprise host of the show was Sameer Mishra, prior national spelling bee winner from 2008( the real deal).  Check out his you tube video of the winning word.

Some of the words we used were:  amyloidosis,belatacept, podocalyxin, pseudopheochromocytoma to name a few.

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