Tuesday, October 29, 2013


This year ASN is doing a Fellows In Training( FIT) Bowl again and we shall be doing a mystery case based debate with two fellow teams.
Case based debates are a fun challenging debate sessions that we have invented at our institution that has been a monthly event at our fellowship. Fellows get a brief discussion of a case and then have to choose tests from the power point slide on the left( sample example) and get closer to the diagnosis. Each tests comes with positive and negative points and can get you closer or far from the diagnosis. Costs and what the tests entails have to be known. Finally, the team with the most points reads the kidney biopsy findings. A pathologist will then discuss the case.
This is going to be held on Nov 8th 2013 from 2-4PM at Rm B311 hosted by myself and Dr Hitesh H Shah. Following case debate, there is going to be fellows jeopardy competition.
All fellows in training should try to attend as this will be a fun event.

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