Friday, January 11, 2013

Nephrology match update 2013

The fellowship match this year was tough. Many centers didn't get their spots filled. 148 centers participate in match, 23% not filled this year. There are 400 positions in match, 11% did not fill.
25% were US medical graduates that matched, and most of the remainder are all international medical graduates. Interestingly, 6% USMG did not match. A podcast from Dr Berns on medscape shares his concern from one of the largest fellowship programs in the country. A twitter feed started by Dr.Topf has sparked some discussion.

Clearly, this is a problem in many fields in medicine and we are one part of the bigger puzzle. While the workforce committee of the ASN is working on trying to come up with ways to increase interest in nephrology, what do you all think? What are your suggestions- please share and comment on how we can get more of the medical students and residents interested.


  1. I am a nephrologist but became a hospitalist and intensivist. I have more time to spend with family, follow other interests and have no call. I also make more money and have a lot of interesting medicine to deal with. I do not miss nephrology and actually regret my wasted youth that I spent learning useless renal pathophysiology. Not being able to attract residents to fill in fellowship positions should not be surprising

  2. double work, less pay and exploitation
    i am waiting for the day when all the positions are unfilled and the nation ( including government and ....... patients who take us for granted - values the nephrologists again........


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