Monday, December 31, 2012

Sketchnote in Nephrology: Medicine

A great read for educators and learners is the book called The Sketchnote Handbook – The Illustrated Guide to Visual Note Taking, a new book released by Mike Rohde.  Sketchnotes  are visual diagrams of a lecture that has some writing and some figures to allow a different form of note taking. 
In physiology, especially complex renal physiology such note taking strategies might be useful for certain type of learners. This allows for a larger bigger overall understanding and can allow for details as well.  Many of us might be doing this already when we take notes( perhaps draw a flow chart) for better understanding of the topic being discussed. Sketchnotes are about hearing and capturing meaningful ideas and not how well you draw.  This book gives a way to take notes differently from what one might have traditionally done.  A picture can tell you more than a detail description of a nephron sub-segment. In one study in Plastic Surgery, a picture told more than words.  
Sketchnote will allow you to think out loud and clear your misconceptions. 

Some examples of discussions and mentions of use of such tactics in medicine are linked below.

33charts view on this topic.
Sketchnote version of the recent Med 2.0 2012 conference in boston
Pediatric Surgery


  1. Thanks so much for the mention of my book. I'm excited to see how sketchnotes can be applied in medicine!

    Mike Rohde

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