Sunday, September 9, 2012

Publication trends by speciality among Internal Medicine residents

A recent study done published in the American J of Medicine suggests that internal medicine residents publish their research during residency and continue to publish up to 5-7 years thereafter.  There is an exponential rise in number of publications compared to many years ago.  Interestingly, what caught my attention was the subspecialty breakdown in Figure 5 of the manuscript.  Gastroenterology had the highest number of publications ( 2 publications per person-year) 5-7 years after fellowship training. Interestingly, hematology was next at 1.59 and nephrology quickly followed at 1.56. Cardiology was at 1.0.  Rest all were < 1.0.
This is a positive trend at least in our field to be in the top 3 publications trends of specialty as moving the field forward is important part of nephrology as well.

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