Monday, October 10, 2011

Gray's Anatomy Classic Collectors Edition : The Kidney

Gray's Anatomy is one of the classic well reputed anatomy text books of all time in history of medicine. Looking at a 1977 version under the urinary organs brings back some interesting terms used in older text books.

" The Kidneys, two in number,are situated in the back part of the abdomen, and are for the purpose of separating from the  blood certain materials which, when dissolved in a quantity of water , also separated from the blood by the kidneys, constitute the urine." - defines the function of the Kidneys.

"Minute Anatomy:- The tubuli uriniferi, of which the kidney is for the most part made up, commence in the cortical portion of the kidney, and, after pursuing a very circuitous course through the cortical and medullary parts of the kidney, finally terminate at the apices of the Malpighian pyramids by open mouths, so that the fluid which they contain is emptied into the dilated extremity of the ureter contained in the sinus of the kidney. "
- defines the role of the tubules

"Each of these little bodies is composed of two parts- a central glomerulus of vessels,called a Malphagian tuft and a membranous envelope, the Malphagian capsule, or Bowman's capsule, which latter is a small pouch-like commencement of a uriniferous tubule"- describes the glomerulus and connection to the tubule.

Henry Grays'  Gray Anatomy 1977 edition.


  1. Sounds like poetry on the kidney!

  2. That was the edition of Grey's I bought going into med school. I still have my copy and will drag it out to read the "poetry of the kidney". Lovely.


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