Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Funny Stuff

Top 10 reasons fellows went into nephrology: ( Courtesy Dr.Alan Perlman of Weill Cornell/Rogosin Institute)

10.       You can see more psychiatric patients in 30 minutes rounding in the dialysis unit than you will see in an entire year doing psychiatry.
9.         “My therapist told me it was a good way to control my nephromania”
8.         You can cheer up a patient with a failing transplant by telling them it’s just a good humoral rejection.
7.         When our patients are pissed, we take it as a sign of success.
6.         “Dialysis gives me the tickles.”
5.         The feeling of superiority you get the first time you urinate after rounding in the dialysis unit
4.         Dialysis patients love jokes about metabolic bone disease
3.         “I find that stabbing a stranger multiple times with a sharp stainless steel instrument helps me to relax.”
2.         “I thought finding an organ swapping program would enhance my lovelife”
1.           To channel a lifelong love of urine into a golden stream

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