Wednesday, December 22, 2021

KDIGO 2021- ANCA vasculitis management

 Check out the latest update in 2021 of treatment of ANCA vasculitis at KDIGO

1. Kidney biopsy is highly recommended in most cases

2. For induction- they recommend that steroids in combination with cyclophosphamide or rituximab be used for new onset AAV. 

3. For patients with GFR that is declining of crt >4.0mg/dl, there is limited data for rituximab based treatment. The combination of cyclo+ ritux can be used in that setting - RITUXIVAS protocol.
    4. When to do cytoxan vs rituxan?

5. Reduced dose steroids have shown similar results as high dose steroids( PEXIVAS trial)

6. Dosing for Rituxan and cyclophosphamide

7. Consider plasma exchange with crt >5.7 requiring dialysis or with rapid rise in crt and diffuse alveolar hemorrhage with hypoxemia or overlap syndrome with Anti GBM

8. Maintenance therapy

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