Sunday, December 19, 2021

In the News: WhatsApp in Onconephrology

A recent study published looked at using a "mastermind" chat using WhatsApp for onconephrology discussion. This group was created using Whatsapp in 2019. Since then close to 100 members are part of an ongoing online discussion. This study evaluated the 2 years of chat content via a survey, keywords and a full qualitative thematic analysis.

1. The keywords showed the figure below- The bigger the font, the most commonly discussed topic. 

2. In terms of thematic analysis, the 3 common themes that emerged were: collaboration, case discussions and knowledge sharing.

3. In terms of the survey, the key figure is below.  It is interesting that after, the chat was used by many for knowledge discussion and topic question answering. This is fascinating and could be because many of the topic experts and chapter writers were on this chat. 

Use of mastermind chats like this should grow in medicine. This allows for small subspecialty fields to have like minded individuals e-meet and discuss tough clinical challenges, share important knowledge and eventually collaboration for research. A recent paper on CDK4/6 inhibitors causing ATN was a result of collaboration led by this chat. 

Check out this amazing tweetorial by Prakash G on this.

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