Monday, April 14, 2014

Clinical Case 82: Answers and Summary

Which oral magnesium preparation has the highest amount of elemental magnesium content?

Milk of magnesia
  4 (11%)
Magnesium citrate
  7 (19%)
Magnesium oxide
  13 (36%)
Magnesium chloride
  5 (13%)
Magnesium lactate
  3 (8%)
Magnesium carbonate
  4 (11%)

Magnesium oxide  has the highest ( 61%) elemental magnesium; 242mg in a 400mg tablet
Milk of Magnesia Or Magnesium Hydroxide  has the second highest ( 42%).
Mg Carbonate has 24%
Mg Citrate has 16% elemental Mg
MgCl has 12%
Mg lactate has 10%

Other ones not listed are Mg gluconate that has 5% elemental Mg, Mg aspartate HCl that has 10%
Mg glycerophosphate that has 10% as well.

Check out a nice review article in AJKD by Ayuk and Gittoes on management of hypomagnesemia. 

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