Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dream RCT contest- Dream it- Do it for the sake of Nephrology

The DreamRCT is a great online project spearheaded by Jordan Weinstein at UKidney and Joel Topf at PBFluids. Nephrology bloggers have all pitched in.
It is to stimulate ideas for a potential big project in clinical nephrology. For those new to this, these are NEW ideas that have never been studied before- innovation in the making!
The voting is going to begin on Monday Feb 17th 2014.  Go to for the final voting.
The final contestants are:

1. NOMAD trial
2. CA-HIL study
4. URIC ACID-CKD connection
5. International Glomerular Disease trial network
6. PHANTOM-1 Study
7. Prevent DeaDD
8. Phosphate Trial

Check them all out and vote for the most likely to be doable and likely needed in nephrology.

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