Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Risk calculator for renal failure in Rhabdomyolysis

What predicts risk of AKI and need for RRT in rhabdomyolysis
A large retrospective study evaluated this and found: female sex, age, cause of rhabdo, initial crt, CPK, phos and calcium and bicarbonate levels were independent predictors.
A risk predicting calculator can be found at link below

Variables that received highest scores were:

Older age especially >80  Worse than 70-80 Worse than 50-70
Female sex
serum creatinine >2.2mg/dl Worse than 1.4-2.2mg/dl
Initial calcium <7.5mg/dl
Initial phos >5.4 Worse than 4.0-5.4mg/dl
Initial bicarb <19meQ/L
Origin not being seizures, syncope, exercise, statins or myositis

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