Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hyponatremia and Edelman equation?

Following the simplified Edelman equation: [Na+] = (Nae + Ke)/TBW, hyponatremia can be originated exclusively from a decrease in total exchangeable body sodium (Nae). 
Can you think of clinical scenarios where this might occur and that do not involve patients drinking water or hypotonic fluids ?

What do nephrologists think?
 Please comment with your responses:

Helbert Rondon, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine


  1. "Desalination" coined by Mitchell Halperin

  2. When potassium is lost from the extracellular fluid leading to a fall in the plasma K concentration.This will create a concentration gradient favoring the movement of K from the cells into the extracellular fluid.Because electroneutrality must preserved ,sodium (and H) entry into the cells ,thereby lowering the plasma Na concentration.


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