Wednesday, April 14, 2021

In the NEWs: Hydralazine and the Kidney

Hydralazine- you can love or hate as a nephrologist. Hydralazine is used a lot for both inpatient and outpatient setting my several internists, cardiologists and nephrologists for management of blood pressure. In clinical practice, many times we have noticed vasculitis from hydralazine : both of the lupus or the ANCA kind. Drug induced kidney diseases are important to keep in mind when the clinical picture doesn't make any sense. 

See this exhaustive table from Izzedine and Ng in the recent Kidney News issue on drug induced glomerular diseases. 

A recent study in KI just focused on hydralazine induced ANCA vasculitis and looked at 80 patients.
As suspected, the clinical clues are: many have low complements, +ANCA( both p and c in some cases- 40%), ANA and anti histone positive and even dsDNA positive. When you see several auto antibodies come back positive- think drug induced. Treatment is cessation of the agent and treat like regular vasculitis. 

Check out an old detective nephron from 2013 on this topic.

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