Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Perspective: Innovation during COVID-19

As our health system and NY and parts of US keeping getting hit with COVID-19, it is hard not to notice innovation happening rapidly.  Our health system is now cared for over 9,000 COVID inpatients and several doctors and nurses redeployed to help in this mission. What an heroic effort.

What has evolved as a result of pressured needed timely treatments?

1. Shortage of ventilators- use of CPAP machines
2. Offices closed -fastest adaption of Tele medicine in history of mankind. 
3. Shortage of health care workers- All physicians doing a transitional prelim year model- just amazing to see
4. Shortage of CRRT machines- resolving to use of acute PD in certain areas, some using prolonged intermittent renal replacement therapy)
5. QTc monitoring on the screen- so impressed!
6. Fastest trial designs and rapid approvals of treatment is unprecedented for treatment of this deadly virus.
7. Several health startup companies have risen and are trying to use their ways to help combat this virus. See this article in health transformer.

But few things have happened and I have seen it here as well
1. Less red tape with administration- fasted hiring approval I have seen to get someone on board- perhaps we should NOT go back to the old ways
2. Better and more meaningful meetings to get the job done
3. More modesty and acceptance of our strengths and flaws

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