Monday, June 4, 2018

NephroWorldCup: Football and Nephrology: GOOAAALLLLLLL!!!

Image result for nephro world cupEvery four years the competitive world of sport comes to a stop. Millions of friends and family gather around the television in order to watch their most beloved nations compete in the largest sporting event on Earth: The FIFA World Cup.

From a team of international nephrologists, here comes a game to play along as you watch FIFA world cup for soccer(football). 

More often that in the World Cup, nephrologist and other professional around the world gather in meetings, congresses, symposia, etc. The objective is to learn about the latest research and meet the brightest minds in our medical field.  As in football, controversies arise, people choose sides, they root for their chosen trial, and they engage in small methodological skirmishes with the “referees” (the moderators at round tables).

Overall, both activities (football and nephrology) develop  camaraderie, foster learning, and generate personal fulfillment. 

Nephrology has grown its presence on social media and we decided to bring a new educational initiative into the world of nephrology social media. The ISN education team is very happy to announce that the combination football (soccer) and nephrology, and the creation of The Nephrology World Cup 2018.

Thirty-two (32) countries selected from the same roster as the 2018 FIFA World Cup will face off against each other in a first-of-its-kind educational experiment. The Nephrology World Cup Organizing Committee has selected a nephrology research paper published by a team of professionals from each country, especially if this paper was published by the local nephrology society. The selection criteria allows us to showcase some of the amazing scholarship and research that is being done around the world.  The ISN team has added user interactivity to make the Nephro World Cup both educational and fun.  

The friends from @ISNeducation bring you this educational initiative.  Feel free to root for your country and cultivate conversations amongst your colleagues and friends. The work has been done using open source tools and the game is free to play.

For rules and how to win prizes, see below for manual.

If you want to know more about this (rules, prizes, etc.) please follow any one these links:
Instruction Manual:
Registration and Group Play:
Facebook Conversations:

Play the 2018 Inaugural Nephrology World Cup!  Good luck and may the best nation win!

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