Sunday, September 25, 2016

Targeted therapies and the Kidney

Image result for targetNovel targeted anti-cancer therapies have resulted in improvement in patient survival compared to standard chemotherapy. Renal toxicities of targeted agents are increasingly being recognized.
The incidence, severity, and pattern of renal toxicities may vary according to the respective target of the drug. A recent uptodate review by us discusses the adverse renal effects associated with a selection of currently approved targeted cancer therapies, directed to EGFR, HER2, BRAF, MEK, ALK, PD1/PDL1, CTLA-4, and novel agents targeted to VEGF/R and TKIs.

Based on another study and look at the FDA database, electrolyte disorders, renal impairment and hypertension are the most commonly reported events with this agent. Of the novel targeted agents, ipilumumab and cetuximab have the most nephrotoxic events reported. 

Novel agents have also been tried in myeloma treatment. Renal effects of these agents are being reported as case reports and parts of clinical trials. A recent review in CJASN summaries the novel toxicities associated with new anti myeloma agents. 

The early diagnosis and prompt recognition of these renal adverse events are essential for the general nephrologist taking care of these patients.

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