Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Topic Discussion: Non uremic causes of calciphylaxis

Calciphylaxis, or calcific uremic arteriolopathy(CUA), is a well-described entity in end-stage kidney disease and renal transplant patients; however, little systematic information is available on calciphylaxis from nonuremic causes.

A review I found in CJASN from 2008 discusses non renal causes of CUA.

Besides renal disease, the non uremic( CKD and ESRD) causes are: the top 4 being the most cases of. The remaining were just 1-2 case reports.  Most of these patients listed below had normal renal function, over 50% had normal calcium and >60% had normal phosphorus levels and 50% had low or normal pth levels. One most keep these causes in mind when ESRD or CKD does not explain the cause of CUA.

Primary hyperparathyroidism
Malignancy( Classically breast, melanoma, gall bladder, myeloma)
Alcoholic liver disease
Connective tissue diseases

Chemo induced protein C and S deficiency
Crohn’s disease
Vitamin D deficiency
POEMS syndrome

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