Saturday, March 28, 2015

Clinical Case 87: Answers and Summary

34 y old Indian Male with IgA nephropathy, crt is 2.4mg/dl and 2.5gm of proteinuria: treatment?

RAAS blockade only
  6 (12%)
RAAS blockade and Fish oil
  9 (19%)
Steroids with RAAS blockade
  19 (40%)
Treatment depends on Biopsy Oxford Classification of IgA Nephropathy
  13 (27%)

The KDIGO recommends no specific guidance for treatment with steroids in IgA nephropathy patients when they present with GFR between 30-50cc/min. A recent study published in JASN in 2015 looked at steroid use in IgA Nephropathy patients. It is called the VALIGA study.  A retrospective study that studied over 140 patients with IgA nephropathy from European registry and classified based on Oxford classification MEST score.   46% received immunosuppresive agents and of them 985 were steroids.  The ones who were treated had all the features of clinical progression( rising crt, or proteinuria).  All also received RAAS blockade.  The patients who got steroids had a significant reduction in proteinuria, a slower rate of renal function decline and greater chance of not being on dialysis.  While, initially we had thought that the benefit of such treatment was only in patients with mild- moderate AKI, this study found benefit even in the GFR<50cc/min cohort with levels of proteinuria.  

So in the above patient, the best answer would be Steroids with RAAS blockade. If the biopsy did show crescentic GN, the treatment ofcourse would be with cytotoxic agents in addition. 

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