Saturday, February 21, 2015

Nephmadness 2015: A novel theme

NephMadness began in March 2013 as a social media education project of the AJKD blog.  From the beginning, we envisioned NephMadness as an ambitious month long social media campaign, featured in multiple AJKD blog posts that encouraged deep engagement. Two years and still running with power and fuel, the game has become a monster on it's own in the social media world in nephrology.

Welcome to 2015 now. The theme for NephMadness 2015 is nephrology’s connections with other specialties. The 8 topics are  listed below.  A detail account of history of Nephmadness and how to play the game is now available in an editorial in AJKD. In addition, check out for ongoing details and brackets appearing starting March 1st 2015.

1. Obstetric Nephrology
2. Infectious Disease and Nephrology
3. The Heart and Kidney Connection
4. Nephrology and Nutrition
5. Genetic Nephrology
6. Critical Care Nephrology
7. Nephrology and Vascular Surgery
8. Onconephrology

Let the madness begin!!

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