Tuesday, June 3, 2014

IN THE NEWS: Transplantation and risk of death from malignancies

 A recent article in KI looked at death from malignancy after renal transplantation.

Some key findings:

Single center study in England looking from 2001-2012
18% deaths were from malignancy(lymphoma>lung>renal and others)
Age and gender stratified malignancy related mortality risk difference was higher than in transplant compared to general population.
Risk factors: pre transplant history of malignancy, DDRT and age.
Lung cancer was the most common cause of malignancy death in men and lymphoma in women.
There was no significant difference in the rate of cancer-related death or location of cancer with ethnicity in our cohort, although a trend was observed toward less overall malignancy-related death in non-whites versus whites.

Not surprising to find these findings given the nature of immunosuppressive medications and prior hx of malignancies. 

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