Thursday, August 15, 2013

Coffee, tea, or soda: are they going to cause kidney stones?

Beverages and risk of kidney stones has been a recently studied topic.
Recently published studies and most recent being in CJASN by Curhan's group suggested the following:

1. Sugar sweetened sodas was associated with higher incidence of stones( as fructose increased urinary ca excretion and uric acid excretion).
2. Consumption of sugar sweet soda and punch was associated with highest risk of stone formation.
3. Coffee and tea drinking was associated with lower risk of stone formation( coffee and tea act as diuretics and diuresis via both proximal and distal tubules)- mainly due to caffeine related effect.
4. Interestingly, decaffeinated coffee was also associated with lower incidence of stones ( perhaps an anti oxidant effect suggested by the authors)
5. Wine and alcohol ingestion was associated with lower incidence of stones( diuretic effect)- interesting find but still needs to be studied further.
6. Orange juice intake was associated with lower incidence of stones( has K citrate and fructose in it). K citrate wins out! Some juices such as apple juice has more fructose than K citrate and hence there have been more stones in those drinkers.

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