Monday, July 1, 2013

ACKD: Special Nephrology Education Issue

The Advances in Chronic Kidney Disease (ACKD) has a special issue on education this month. Interestingly there are some articles that might be of interest to many.
The entire issue is two fold- patient education and physician/trainee education.

For patient related education, check out the articles on
1. Acute start dialysis 
2. Health Literacy
3. Patient education in CKD clinic
4. Education of patients with interface with Primary care

For workforce and physician related articles, check out
1. Future of nephrology workforce( a summary of what ASN workforce group has been doing for the shortage)
2. Innovative teaching methods ( courtesy of myself, Matt Sparks and Hitesh Shah)
3.Online learning( a nice summary of nephrology online teaching tools and includes many blogs that are doing educational content. It summarizes the pros and cons of each blog and in addition has descriptive information regarding each one as well. PB Fluids already has a post on this.
4. Tweeting ( NOD takes on this one)
5. Digital media promotion of CKD

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