Thursday, January 5, 2012

IN THE NEWS: Which glomerular disease is highest risk for venous thromboembolism?

Nephrotic syndrome puts at risk for DVT and Renal vein thrombosis. Data to anti-coagulate is weak and not consistent.  A recent paper in Jan 2012 issue of KI shares some interesting information.

1. 1313 patients were evaluated( different diagnosis- membranous, IgA, FSGS)
2. 63 month follow up was noted
3. The risk of venous thromboembolism was highest in Membranous GN followed by FSGS compared to IgA Nephropathy.
4. Gender, cancer, proteinuria and serum albumin were adjusted.
5. So instead of degree of proteinuria - it was associated with a specific disease type such as Membranous GN.
6. Why is that?  and if so do we need to give anti coagulation?

Interesting study
take a look at the free KI paper for full review:


  1. No big deal. It has been always accepted that MN per se and not proteinuria is a risk factor for thrombosis. It has probably to do with the selective/ non selective nature of proteinuria in different glomerular disease and hence altering the balance of pro/anti coagulants in the blood.

  2. It's always on the news that Nephrotic syndrome puts at risk for DVT and Renal vein thrombosis. Good evaluation you had here. I might use this information for my research study regarding thrombosis. Thanks for sharing.


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