Friday, July 22, 2022

New Combined Glomerular Diseases and Onco-Nephrology Fellowship at Northwell

Northwell Nephrology is offering both a traditional two year general nephrology fellowship as well as a new fellowship that includes a third year fellowship specializing in glomerular diseases and onconephrology. The traditional two year fellowship can be applied for through this link

The new expanded third year is through the prestigious Northwell Nephrology Galdi Fellowship in Onconephrology and Glomerular Diseases. This fellowship offer a year of intensive training in these two important subject areas.A candidate for the Galdi Fellowship will have completed internal medicine residency training, a general nephrology fellowship and demonstrate the highest level of performance and scientific and clinical potential. Candidates for the Galdi Fellowship would be carefully vetted based upon academic and other indications suggesting that advanced training as a Galdi Fellow would enable their ability to become one of a select few international leaders in glomerular diseases and onco-nephrology. The Galdi Fellowship will last for one academic calendar (July through June) year.  A new fellow will be recruited each year.Training in glomerular kidney diseases is through the Northwell Nephrology Center for Glomerular Diseases directed by Drs. Kenar Jhaveri and Purva Sharma. The fellow will work in the Glomerular Disease Center and be exposed to all aspects of glomerular disease management including a rotation with Division of Rheumatology for extra training in SLE and ANCA vasculitis. The fellow will also have the opportunity to participate in ongoing clinical trials in glomerulonephritis at the Glomerular Disease Center. 

Onconephrology overlaps to an extent with glomerular diseases. Fellows gain experience both in the clinic and hospital with world renowned leaders Rimda Wanchoo and Kenar Jhaveri. Rotations will also include with hematology and oncology teams dealing with multiple myeloma, renal cell cancer and bone marrow transplant services. In addition, the fellow will have rotations with our nephropathologists as well.

Candidates can apply for the two year traditional Northwell Nephrology Fellowship at the same time as they apply for the Galdi fellowship or apply for Galdi fellowship during the final year of a general nephrology fellowship.  completing their nephrology fellowship.  For applicants to the Northwell Nephrology Fellowship who would also like to be considered for the Galdi third year fellowship, then the ERAS system should be used for application to the general Northwell Nephrology Fellowship. The candidate should let us know that they are also interested in applying for the third year Galdi fellowship so that we can structure and plan interviews with the appropriate Northwell Nephrology faculty members. Currently we are accepting applications from current nephrology fellows or recent graduates for the Galdi Fellowship for start date of July 2023. In addition we are accepting applications from internal medicine residents for the general nephrology fellowship starting July, 2023 with a third year Galdi fellowship starting in July, 2025.

For inquiries regarding the advanced fellowship program, please email Dr. Kenar Jhaveri at

The application should include1.      CV of the applicant2.      Three recommendation letters (one must be from the Nephrology Program Director of Chief)3.      A Personal Statement on the reasons for joining this fellowship.

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