Friday, October 2, 2015

Topic Discussion: CLL and the kidney

Classically, it's well know that infiltrative disease is seen with CLL and the kidney leading to AKI.
What other diseases can you see with CLL and the kidney?

A recent paper by The Leung group at Mayo discusses the Mayo clinic experience of CLL and monocloncal B cell lymphocytosis patients that had a kidney biopsy.

Most common findings:
20% had MPGN
12% had infiltration of CLL
12% had TMA from chemotherapy -- classically related to pentostatin
10% had Minimal change disease

Other less commonly observed findings were AIN, AL lamda amyloidosis, light chain cast nephropathy, membranous GN and mesangial proliferative GN.

Other unrelated biopsy findings were diabetic nephropathy, obesity related FSGS, and HTN nephropathy.

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